Forming a business can be daunting and failing to set up a business properly can have consequences down the road. Working with Odin, we will form your business in the way that best suits your plans. Whether you are looking to sell, finance, bootstrap or work and build a legacy through the company, Odin can help.

As your company grows, we can collaborate on growth strategy. Odin can help with intellectual property registration and commercialization, employee and independent contractor agreements and issues, sales and distribution agreements, and other commercial contracts.

If you face a contract or commercial dispute, working with counsel that understands your business and your objectives can be critical. Odin’s core values guide its litigation strategy: creativity, efficiency and service.

Litigation can be resolved creatively. Legal services can be performed and delivered more efficiently. Customer service is at the center of litigation – you and your business must be informed and a part of the process to get the best results. Finally, scholarship and understanding of the law is a tremendous asset in the courts.

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