Forming a business can be daunting and failing to set up a business properly can have consequences down the road. Working with Odin, we will form your business in the way that best suits your plans. Whether you are looking to sell, finance, bootstrap or work and build a legacy through the company, Odin can help.

As your company grows, we can collaborate on growth strategy. Odin can help with intellectual property registration and commercialization, employee and independent contractor agreements and issues, sales and distribution agreements, and other commercial contracts.

If you face a contract or commercial dispute, working with counsel that understands your business and your objectives can be critical. Odin’s core values guide its litigation strategy: creativity, efficiency, service and scholarship.

Litigation can be resolved creatively. Legal services can be performed and delivered more efficiently. Customer service is at the center of litigation – you and your business must be informed and a part of the process to get the best results. Finally, scholarship and understanding of the law is a tremendous asset in the courts.


Wherever possible, Odin works on a flat fee or subscription basis to provide you with reliable service at a predictable price. Of course, hourly billing is also an option.

  • Startup

  • $500-3,000*

  • Includes counseling on formation, drafting and filing initial formation documents and governing documents.

  • Packages can also include:

    + Initial IP assignments
    + Initial equity documents
    + Form one-way and mutual NDAs
    + Form employee offer letter
    + Form independent contractor agreement

  • Accelerate

  • $1,500-5,000*

  • Includes all STARTUP documents and services and additional services to hit the ground running.

  • Packages can also include:

    + One or more trademark registration applications
    + Copyright application (if applicable)
    + Website/App terms of service
    + Website/App privacy policy
    + Employee stock plan

  • General Counsel

  • Monthly Subscription*

  • Beyond startup. More frequent interaction with an attorney, without fear of an unexpected bill.

  • Packages may include:

    + Phone and email consultation
    + Routine contracts
    + Updates to governance docs, contracts
    + Attendance at board and shareholder meetings
    + Crisis and risk planning

  • Brand Protection

  • Monthly Subscription*

  • For businesses that need to protect their brand identity. Includes monitoring and analysis of USPTO registration applications similar to your mark.

  • Packages may also include:

    + Protection strategy
    + Domain, keyword and PPC monitoring
    + Marketplace monitoring
    + Cease and desist and takedown letters

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