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Outside general counsel packages offer your business a way to receive legal advice and consultation from a trusted advisor who intimately understands your operations. Subscription billing allows you to pick up the phone without worrying that you will be billed for every six minutes you spend talking to your attorney.

These packages are intended for businesses with consistent legal needs, but without the resources or work necessary to hire someone in house.

  • Small Business

  • $750 per month

  • + Phone and email consultation on day-to-day business
    + Routine (what is routine varies by client) contract drafting, review and negotiation
    + Annual risk and corporate compliance assessment
    + Attendance at one board/manager or shareholder/member meeting per year

  • Growth Business

  • $2,500 per month

  • Includes all SMALL BUSINESS items and:
    + Quarterly updates to governance documents, certain IP docs, Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
    + Up to four board/manager and shareholder/member meetings per year
    + Four hours of in-office consultation and work at your (local) location per month

  • Enterprise

  • Varies

  • Includes all GROWTH BUSINESS items, and may also include:
    + Crisis and risk planning
    + Brand protection services
    + Licensing
    + Certain corporate transactions
    + Trademark prosecution
    + Additional meetings of office hours

  • Brand Protection

  • Varies

  • Includes monitoring and analysis of USPTO registration applications similar to your mark.

    May also include:

    + Protection strategy
    + Domain, keyword and PPC monitoring
    + Marketplace monitoring
    + Cease and desist and takedown letters

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