Lawyers often resort to “no comment” when the media calls. But, that may not always be the client’s best move. Advocacy in the press can be a positive addition to a litigation or criminal defense strategy. While the case is your primary focus as an attorney, your client may have other considerations like customer backlash, brand damage or loss of other opportunities.

You may think “that’s what a PR firm is for.” Does your go-to PR firm understand the rules of professional conduct? Are your communications with the PR firm, or your client’s communications with the PR firm, privileged? Having an attorney, who is a member of the legal team, handle PR can help ensure that communications are ethical and that strategy remains privileged.

Odin Law and Media brings a unique understanding of the media landscape to the law.

In addition to litigation and trial support, Odin Law and Media can assist in other crises and sensitive situations. This might be a government investigation, consumer complaint, bad press event or even a data breach.

Strategic counsel can help assess the situation, formulate a plan of response and assist in executing that plan. Working hand in hand with in house or outside counsel, Odin Law and Media can handle communications strategy as an attorney-consultant, act as a direct media liaison or surrogate, draft and review statements or provide ongoing coaching.

The best time to work on public relations and to understand the media is before there is any need to. When a crisis happens, damage control follows. Having a well-trained point person and a thorough response plan can help alleviate the pressure created by the crisis.

Odin Law and Media can work with you to develop response plans, workflows and communication strategies. Odin can also work with key persons to provide media coaching and messaging training.

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