Digital media is an umbrella term that applies to journalists publishing their stories online as much as it does to virtual reality and augmented reality developers. In addition to its video game practice, Odin Law and Media represents clients in the following digital media fields.

As emerging media (yes, VR’s been around since the Sensorama, but it is still emerging), both virtual reality and augmented reality are at the forefront of innovation. The law is still catching up. Developers face a landscape of publishers, end users and everyone in between who are still struggling to figure out how to deal with them. Development agreements may look more like TV contracts or more like video game contracts. Payment schemes are all over the place. Allocating liability can be a nightmare because the potential for liability is still somewhat unclear. Brandon has presented on these issues to the American Bar Association, Duke University Law School and the University of South Carolina School of Law. Odin Law and Media represents a number of VR developers.
Simulation businesses deal with many of the same legal issues as video game developers, but often have additional challenges. For example, they may face government grant issues. They may be asked to make representations and warranties to the accuracy of the simulation. It is important to work with counsel who understands these issues.
Vloggers face most of the same legal issues as bloggers, as well as those faced by a television studio. YouTube and streaming personalities may also be subject to FTC scrutiny for endorsements, have talent contract and management issues, be approached for sponsorship, endorsement or co-branding deals or have a need to defend themselves against actions by others. Odin Law and Media can help.
Bloggers face a variety of legal issues. From First Amendment questions and journalistic issues to hosting agreements. A knowledgeable attorney can free bloggers up to do what they do best: blog. Did you know that endorsements, including sponsored blog posts, are subject to FTC regulations?

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