Entertainment law is a broad, interdisciplinary field. Industry expertise is what sets an entertainment attorney apart from others. At Odin Law and Media, offers assistance in the video games industry, digital media (including for VR/AR, YouTubers, streamers, bloggers and vloggers) and in the literary world. The firm also services the following entertainment law needs.

Production Legal

Production, whether photography, film or animation, comes with risks. Legal issues surround copyright, distribution, music and sound, talent and finance. These agreements often operate unlike their counterparts outside of the industry. The same is true for financiers. Funding a movie is not the same as investing in an angel round of a startup, and it should not be treated the same.

Board and Tabletop Games

Offline games are going through a renaissance. Designers face many of the same issues as video game developers (IP ownership issues, dealing with contractors and employees, etc.), but the distribution channels are very different. Working with counsel that knows the industry ensures efficiency in that relationship.

Talent Contracts

Models, YouTube stars, actors and others get presented with contracts all the time. Those contracts are important and they should not be signed without first being reviewed by an attorney. Odin Law and Media can help you understand what you are signing and negotiate on your behalf for the best possible terms.

Agency Agreements

When hiring someone to handle the face of your business, solicit business or opportunities or manage events or marketing on your behalf, understanding the agreement can be the difference between success and a front page failure. When contracts go awry, a confident legal ally can help correct them.

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