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Agency and Publishing Agreements

Authors, like other specialists, face contracts and agreements for their services and their rights. Unfortunately, these agreements are often filled with jargon and industry specific terms that prevent a family-friend-attorney from effectively reviewing or negotiating them. Publishing companies and agencies have had attorneys work with them to draft their agreements. Often, they have attorneys working with them throughout the negotiation and even into the relationship. Authors should strive for the same level of representation.

Libel Review

Writing about individual people or businesses can be risky. Authors can take steps to reduce their risk by understanding what makes libel actionable. Telling the truth reduces risk. But truth has to be provable. Obfuscating identities can reduce risk. But, if the identity can be discerned from the context, the risk remains. Odin Law and Media can provide a thorough reading of any writing – from an article to a manuscript – to search for these risks. Odin can also work with authors to mitigate or remove these risks where possible.

Subsidiary Rights Agreements

A successful book or story can launch a universe of possible spinoffs. Television shows, films, action figures, t-shirts, etc. – all have to be licensed from the copyright holder. These license agreements are complex. Ensuring they accurately reflect the deal the author (or other copyright holders) believes they’ve reached is critical. This kind of license can last many years – even forever. Odin Law and Media advocates for its clients and can help eliminate confusion or mistakes.

Copyright Issues

An author looking to include others’ works in their book should proceed with extreme caution. Copyright infringement can come with serious consequences. Likewise, if someone has used an author’s work without permission, the author should put a stop to it. After all, it is the author’s livelihood on the line. Odin Law and Media can help with content review, claim assessment and litigation.

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