Sometimes, no matter how hard you work to avoid it, you may end up in a legal dispute or litigation. Odin Law and Media can assist with a variety of business, media and intellectual property lawsuits.

Business Litigation


Ideally, when two parties negotiate a deal, the deal goes through exactly as planned. Sometimes it doesn’t. When there is a breach or threatened breach of an agreement, or a disagreement over the interpretation of the agreement itself, Odin Law and Media can find creative solutions to resolve the dispute, or seek to recover damages under the contracts.


Like any relationship, sometimes the relationship between two or more co-founders does not work out. It may be no one’s fault. It may definitely be someone’s fault. Regardless of the situation, there will be issues that need to be worked out. These may relate to ownership, compensation, future interests, intellectual property and competition. When parties can’t work together anymore, counsel can help bring an outside advisory perspective or, if needed, a lawsuit.


The law frowns on lying, cheating, corruption and inequitable conduct in the business world. A civil action for unfair competition and deceptive trade practices can result in treble damages for claims like fraud or bad faith, and acts that constitute an unlawful restraint on trade.

Speech Claims


The First Amendment protects freedom of speech, assembly, religion, redress and freedom of the press. When those freedoms are threatened, Odin Law and Media works to preserve them.


False and defamatory statements that cause harm to a person’s livelihood or reputation may be actionable. Odin Law and Media helps media businesses and professionals avoid making these statements, mitigate risks and defend against claims from accusers. Odin also helps those about whom such statements are made when it is especially egregious.


Any business that handles personal information of individuals is subject to laws and regulations that govern the use of that information. A company facing litigation for misuse or exposure of private information needs counsel that knows privacy and how to respond.

Intellectual Property Claims


When someone infringes your exclusive rights of copyright, harms the brand you’ve built through their trademark infringement or threatens to reveal or share your trade secrets, there are remedies. Odin Law and Media can help pursue them. Likewise, if someone is claiming your work infringes on their rights, there are defenses you can raise, and Odin can help.


Although primarily a criminal statute, the CFAA also has a civil right of action. Employers and others can pursue bad actors who have accessed files or devices they did not have permission to access, or who have exceeded their permissions. These claims are like trade secret misappropriation claims, but the information does not need to rise to the level of a trade secret, and there does not need to be evidence of actual use of the information by the bad actor.


A domain name is your home on the internet. For many businesses, a URL literally is the brand. Bad actors may try to capitalize on your need to protect your brand through confusing domains, deceptive keyword advertising campaigns. Other disputes are perfectly innocent: Two parties are after the same name. In either case, Odin Law and Media can help.



After a trial ends, there is a short window for redress. An appeal to a higher court requires an analysis of your trial court record, a thoroughly researched and persuasive brief to the appellate court and may or may not include an oral argument before the court. Odin Law & Media focuses on appeals in civil cases dealing with:

+ Commercial and business disputes, including corporate issues, contracts and real estate.
+ Intellectual property issues including copyright, trademark and trade secret issues.
+ Constitutional issues arising out of the First Amendment.
+ Issues affecting the law of video games, digital media or entertainment.

Issue Advocacy (and Amicus)

There are three branches of government. Lawmakers make policy. Executives enforce it. And the courts interpret it. The court’s interpretation of a law can often have far reaching impacts on the future of that law or its enforceability.

Even where an organization is not a party to a case, courts will often accept an amicus brief (or a friend of the court brief) if that organization has an interest in the outcome of the case. Amicus briefs present the perspective of an outsider who is not a party to the case and, for that reason, can have considerable sway on a tribunal. Odin Law and Media can help assist in the research, preparation, drafting and filing of amicus briefs.

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