Video game studios, publishers, distributors and other businesses in the industry have unique needs. While much of “video game law” is the same as other business, intellectual property, digital media or brand protection, the games industry has to deal with rampant content theft, cloning, trademark infringement and bullying. Publishing and distribution in video games are very different than in other entertainment industries.

Hiring a video game lawyer is an important decision. Hiring any lawyer is a start, but hiring one who deeply understands and is committed to the industry can help a studio or publisher really thrive. Brandon J. Huffman has worked with developers, publishers and distributors handling general business issues, intellectual property issues, various contracts and licenses, dispute resolution and content review. Brandon is also pro bono general counsel to the International Game Developers Association, the world’s largest association of game developers, and an IGDA MVP Award winner. He has been a speaker for the American Bar Association, the North Carolina Bar Association, Duke University, the University of North Carolina, the University of South Carolina and various game and interactive media trade shows on the legal aspects of augmented and virtual reality, let’s play videos, game studio formation and growth, working with publishers and working with outside funders.

Free eBook: Key Provisions in Video Game Publishing Agreements

For a developer, working with a publisher can be a blessing or a curse. Publishers can bring resources to a developer, including financing, but also industry expertise, marketing and distribution knowledge. Those resources come with a caveat . Ensuring the deal is fair, and that the agreement matches the intended deal, is key.

For a publisher, the trick is walking the tightrope of adequately protecting the enterprise from one problematic title, ensuring the best possible return on investment, preserving the ability to market effectively and keeping developers happy.

Brandon has written, and is giving away, an eBook that provides 8,000+ words detailing the most important provisions in game publishing agreements. Get it here!

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