Announcement: Connor Richards Joins Odin Team

We’re thrilled to welcome Connor Richards to our Odin Law and Media Team!

Connor Richards, Attorney

Connor joins Odin Law and Media to build a practice focused on helping video game developers, esports teams and professionals, and entrepreneurs grow sustainably. As a “Big Four” accounting alumnus, Connor brings a unique background in tax law to leverage for his clients to arrive at effective and efficient outcomes, whether that’s setting up a new business, executing a big transaction, or putting together a competitive squad.

The esports and video game worlds are near and dear to Connor’s heart. Like most of the Odin team, Connor grew up a gamer, and more recently became interested in esports. To this day, Connor competes in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournaments and actively participates in Esports Bar Association events. He has authored articles on video game legal issues and featured on various podcasts discussing the esports world.

Offline, Connor enjoys hiking with his dogs, playing soccer, and more recently, baking.

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