Video Game Developers

Hiring a video game lawyer is an important decision. Hiring any lawyer is a start, but hiring one who deeply understands and is committed to the industry can help a studio or publisher really thrive. 

Publishers & Distributors

Video game publishers, distributors and other businesses in the industry benefit from attorneys that understand their businesses. Publishing and distribution in video games are very different than in other entertainment industries.

Software & SaaS Companies

Odin Law and Media counsels businesses and individuals in a wide range of software development, licensing, SaaS and internet matters.

Advertisers & Marketers

Advertisers and marketers must be careful to ensure their efforts are truthful and not deceptive. They must ensure they are not infringing the rights of their competitors or others.

Production Companies

Production, whether photography, film or animation, comes with risks. Legal issues surround copyright, distribution, music and sound, talent and finance. These agreements often operate unlike their counterparts outside of the industry.


Models, YouTube stars, actors and others get presented with contracts all the time. Those contracts are important and they should not be signed without first being reviewed by an attorney.