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Software & SaaS Companies

 Odin Law and Media counsels businesses and individuals in a wide range of software development, licensing, SaaS and internet matters. These are nuanced areas of the law, and companies in this space should not expect an attorney who dabbles in them to have a real understanding of the issues. Odin Law and Media does not dabble.

Lack of documentation can lead to clouds on IP ownership, unclear deliverables and milestones or a lack of remedies for failure to perform. Poorly constructed representations and warranties can lead to unpredictable risk and potential liabilities. 

Development contracts, service agreements and subscription arrangements need to be properly papered to ensure the client gets what they think they are paying for, to ensure the vendor gets paid and has predictable obligations, to allocate liability and to create a clear IP title. Hosting contracts must also be inspected for uptime guarantees, liability concerns and remedies.

In each of these areas, the firm works to provide efficient service with a predictable fee. 

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