Practice Areas


Running a business involves legal obstacles. Formation, growth and day to day advice.

Contracts & Agreements

Like it or not, businesses deal with contracts. We work to ensure our clients understand their agreements and that they are happy with the terms and conditions.

Copyright & Trademark

For digital content creators, those doing business online and internet reputation and brand protection.

Corporate Transactions

Our lawyers help clients identify the best corporate form, put in place initial equity and governance documents and generally get a business started with a strong legal foundation.

Data Privacy

Businesses that collect personal information from their users or process personally identifiable information from others are subject to regulations.

General Counsel

An in-house legal team is a huge asset to a business.


From film and photography, to literary contracts and new media.


In any business that develops new technology or creative work, or any business that relies on the technology or creative work of another party, licensing is key.