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Copyright and Trademark

“Intellectual Property” is a broad term that actually refers to a few separate and distinct types of asset and the laws governing them.

Copyrights protect creative works of authorship like visual art, music, audio-visual works (including interactive media), sculptures, architectural works and written works (including computer code).

Trademarks and service marks are brand identifiers that help businesses set themselves apart from their competitors by identifying the source of a good or service.

Trade secrets are pieces of information that derive value from remaining secret such as customer lists, internal processes and other information that businesses take efforts to keep confidential.

Patents provide exclusive rights to exploit an invention in the form of a novel design, utility (like a process, machine or composition of matter) or plant (yes, a new plant can be patented). Odin Law and Media works with qualified patent attorneys outside of the firm to bring qualified  prosecution services to clients.

Intellectual property is more important than ever. The internet makes it easier to spread creative works and brand identities, but it can also make infringement easier.  Many businesses today, including  digital media and entertainment businesses, derive nearly all of their value from their unique IPs. 

Odin Law and Media works with clients on strategy to best commercialize and license their IP. Whether the client is a game developer licensing to a publisher or action figure manufacturer, a software company building an enterprise solution to be white labeled or an author optioning movie rights, Odin can help.

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