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Equity Investment Term Sheets: Liquidation Preferences

A liquidation preference deals with what happens to the proceeds of the Company after it is dissolved or sold. Investors typically want to get their money back first before anyone else and a liquidation preference outlines that right. There are several types of liquidation preferences. Standard Seniority This is present...

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Brandon J. Huffman Quoted on Esport Workplace Challenges

The Washington Post recently wrote about alleged workplace abuse at esports organization TSM along with employee misclassifications. Here is an excerpt: Former workers described the atmosphere at TSM and Blitz as start-up-like, where hierarchies were fluid and staff was expected to wear many hats at once. But experts who reviewed...

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Ryan Fairchild Quoted on Esports Classification Concerns

Law360 recently wrote about the concerns with esports classifications, particularly with independent contractor classification issues. Here is an excerpt in relation to the contract between FaZe Clan and Turney Tenney, also known as Tfue: Outside the FaZe Clan case, a reason for the lack of litigation could be that players...

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