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Michele K Robichaux

Michele K. Robichaux Promoted to Partner at Odin Law and Media

We are thrilled to announce the promotion of Michele K. Robichaux to Partner at Odin Law and Media, a law firm passionately serving the video game, digital media and content creation industries. With an exceptional background in supporting creators from various sectors, including literature, entertainment, and video games, Michele brings...

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Corporate Formalities and Meetings 101, Part 2

In our first overview of corporate formalities and meetings we looked at corporate formalities that help to preserve corporate liability protections. In part two, we look at meetings specifically, including the types, procedure, and substance of meetings.  Types of meetings At a high level, there are shareholder meetings and there...

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Hosting a live events as a content creator: venue agreements

In part one of our series, we gave an overview of typical considerations for content creators hosting live events and in part two, we highlighted release agreements. After meeting regulations from governing bodies and safeguarding themselves against liability from participants and attendees, an event organizer must still find a place...

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Hosting a live event as a content creator: release agreements

In part one we discussed possible regulations of governing bodies. After an event organizer has gotten all the necessary permits and approvals, they might be ready to run the event itself. However, before doing that, they will also want to think about their relationship with participants and attendees.  If a...

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Hosting a live event as a content creator

Whether it’s streaming video games on Twitch, posting make-up tutorials on Instagram, or creating food vlogs on YouTube, a content creator’s community is their lifeblood. As their community grows, it is natural for a content creator to start thinking about different ways to engage with that community. This might take...

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Understanding Section 174 Tax Code Changes

Tax years beginning after 2022 brought with them an uncomfortable change for many in the video game industry. Section 174 of the Internal Revenue Code, which previously allowed taxpayers to immediately expense their research and development expenses, now required taxpayers to capitalize and amortize those expenditures over a five- or...

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