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Understanding Open Source Licenses: A Guide for Game Developers

When working on a game development or software project, understanding open source licenses is crucial. These licenses dictate how developers can use, modify, and distribute open source software. In this blog post, we’ll break down the essentials of open source licenses, focusing on the differences between permissive and copyleft licenses,...

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Vtubers: Avatars, Anonymity, and Agencies

Vtubers are like any other online entertainer or content creator: they also stream themselves playing video games, create YouTube videos, write and perform music, voice act, or just chat with their audiences. What sets Vtubers apart from other content creators is that they present themselves mainly or wholly as an...

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New FTC Rule Banning Noncompetes

The FTC, relying on Section 5 and Section 6(g) of the FTC Act, issued a final rule on April 23, 2024 banning the use of non-competes nationwide. The ban will go into effect 120 days after the publication in the federal register (note that publication has not happened yet and...

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Roblox Developers and Work For Hire Agreements

One of the wonderful things about Roblox is that anyone can develop and publish a game. But when some Roblox devs start making a game, the last thing they think about is contracts. That can be a problem, especially if the game blows up. Why? Because depending on what agreements,...

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Michele K Robichaux

Michele K. Robichaux Promoted to Partner at Odin Law and Media

We are thrilled to announce the promotion of Michele K. Robichaux to Partner at Odin Law and Media, a law firm passionately serving the video game, digital media and content creation industries. With an exceptional background in supporting creators from various sectors, including literature, entertainment, and video games, Michele brings...

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