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Contracts & Agreements

Like it or not, businesses deal with contracts. At Odin Law and Media, we work to ensure our clients understand their agreements and that they are happy with the terms and conditions.

Business to business and independent contractor agreements like vendor contracts, development, distribution, publishing, co-development, project finance and SaaS agreements, or other commercial relationships are routine work for us. In working to serve our clients as outside general counsel, we spend much of our time working on these agreements.

In the industries we focus in, we also work on business to consumer agreements like terms of service, terms of use, and EULAs that govern the relationship between a website or app and its users. Users must agree in order to get the benefit of a website or app. It is important to ensure these protect the provider from various liability, preserve copyright and decency safe harbors and accurately capture the intended relationship with end users.

Lack of proper documentation can lead to clouds on IP ownership, unclear deliverables and milestones, inappropriate of unfair allocations of liability and risk, or a lack of remedies for failure to perform. 

TL;DR: we help make sure business agreements reflect our clients’ expectations.

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