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Corporate Transactions


Our lawyers help clients identify the best corporate form, put in place initial equity and governance documents and generally get a business started with a strong legal foundation. We’ve also put together this guid [10 step quick start guide link] for North Carolina based businesses. Similar steps would apply in other jurisdictions.

Growth & Financing

As a company grows, it may elect to take investment from outside investors. We routinely advise privately held companies on seed, venture and private equity offerings, debt offerings, SAFEs and other financing arrangements. If needed, we can assist our high growth clients in sourcing additional outside counsel for IPOs or registered offerings. We also have experience representing individual investors and investment funds in their diligence and investments.

Mergers, Acquisitions & Exit Transactions

Perhaps the most significant event in the lifecycle of a company is the exit. Regardless of how structured, founders and key team members want to ensure they receive maximum value and adequate legal protection in the exit. Odin Law and Media assists in these transactions both as transaction counsel and as company counsel facilitating broader transaction counsel teams from other firms.


Raising cash from a bunch of people can be a great way to jumpstart a project or it can be a tool to give fans a way to feel connected to a project’s success. Odin Law and Media can help ensure a campaign complies with advertising and solicitation regulations and out of harm’s way with securities regulators. If offering non-security backed crowdfunding like Kickstarter, GoFundMe or Patreon, Odin Law and Media can assist with FTC compliance and consult on the substance of a campaign.

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