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General Counsel

An in-house legal team is a huge asset to a business. Many businesses are not large enough, don’t have the resources, or for strategic reasons would prefer not to have full time in house legal. Even where companies do have an in house attorney, supplemental outside general counsel can be helpful.

Odin Law and Media often serves as outside general counsel to our clients. What we mean by this is that we are “the first legal phone call.” Often, we’re able to provide the legal services needed to resolve issues. As a company grows, we can collaborate on growth strategy. Odin can help with intellectual property registration and commercialization, employee and independent contractor agreements and issues, sales and distribution agreements, and other commercial contracts.

Working with counsel that truly understands the business and objectives of its clients can be critical. 

Where something falls outside the scope of our services, or where a larger legal team is warranted, we are often able to manage these teams of outside lawyers – much in the same way an in-house general counsel’s office would.

Even where we are not hire specifically for this kind of service, we try to provide the same level of service, and the same understanding of our clients’ business.

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