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There are many laws and regulations that apply to advertising. At the federal level, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and federal law prohibit unfair and deceptive practices and false advertising and regulate advertising for consumer protection. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau regulates non-bank financial companies. At the state level, each state has its own regulations. Advertisers and marketers must be careful to ensure their efforts are truthful and not deceptive. They must ensure they are not infringing the rights of their competitors or others.

Beyond truth in advertising, companies running contests or promotions must be very careful to comply with applicable laws to ensure they are not running illegal lotteries – which can have stiff penalties. They must ensure giveaways are not illegal gambling.

Where relying on influencers or endorsements for marketing, businesses must comply with all disclosure requirements. 

When hiring someone to handle the face of a business, solicit business or opportunities or manage events or marketing on a business’s behalf, understanding the agreement can be the difference between success and a front page failure. When contracts go awry, a confident legal ally can help correct them.

These areas are complex, but Odin Law and Media can help simplify compliance.

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