Brandon J. Huffman Quoted on California Pay Transparency Law

The Washington Post recently wrote about California’s enforcement of a pay transparency law that is now requiring many video game companies in the state to share salary information within job postings.

Here is an excerpt:

For job searchers, broad and vague pay information may obscure how much money they should negotiate for and can expect to earn. Wide salary ranges were also seen when New York’s transparency law went into effect.

Brandon J. Huffman, founding attorney at Odin Law and Media, said California’s wide salary ranges were not necessarily an attempt to skirt the pay transparency laws, though in his opinion, he didn’t “love the practice of using wide ranges.”

“With remote and hybrid work more common, salaries may vary with flexibility, location,” Huffman said. “A technical worker with more directly relevant experience will be paid more than someone with less. A wide range may encompass all variables, and may truly be what the employer ‘reasonably expects’ to pay while casting a wide net for which applicants they’ll accept.”

If wide salary ranges in a listing appear unfair, lawyers say that workers do have recourse.

You can read the whole article here: $330,000 to $1.8 million? Video game workers question public salary ranges.

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