Brandon J. Huffman to Lead GDC Roundtable

On Wednesday, March 20th, Brandon J. Huffman and Suzanne Jackiw will lead a roundtable at the Game Developers Conference (GDC) on the following topic:

Business and Legal Issues Facing the Industry Roundtable (Presented by IGDA)

The future is always uncertain. In this roundtable, come join the IGDA Business and Legal SIG to talk about some issues facing the video games industry in the coming year. The roundtable will focus discussion on a few key issues including the emergence of new consoles and resurrection of historical consoles, a market that appears to be working toward diffusion of distribution channels and consolidation of developers, continued and new attention on consumer privacy as Australia regulates against encryption, the EU steps up enforcement of GDPR and California’s new privacy law takes effect, expiration of the FCC Accessibility waiver for video games, the growing impact of streamers and YouTubers and the increasing difficulty of controlling a message and potential future steps toward censorship of the industry itself. This will be moderated the discussion, but mostly it will be participation in the room. The course of discussion will help inform the steering committee on directions for the SIG in the coming year.

Attendees will hear from each other about business and legal issues facing the industry in the coming year. This will serve as a mastermind on how to prepare, adapt and cope with these challenges.

To learn more and add it to your GDC schedule, click here.

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