eBook: Key Provisions in Video Game Publishing Agreements

Essential concepts, definitions, and explanations you need before you sign on the dotted line.

Are you a game developer sitting on an offer from a publisher?

Are you a publisher facing a negotiation with a particularly important developer? This guide provides 8,000+ words detailing the most important provisions in game publishing agreements. It will be FREE to download from this site. I am hopeful it will provide some insight into one of the most important pieces of paper for any video game.

Key terms in video game publishing agreements, including:

  • Intellectual property terms
  • Timing and payment issues
  • Ancillary rights and derivatives
  • Termination (how it ends)
  • Marketing, localization and QA
  • Credits and ratings
  • Other things to watch out for
    • Common red flags for developers and publishers
    • Possible deal structures
    • Pain points faced by developers and publishers, and how to combat them
    • How common terms interact with one another throughout the document
    • Which terms are often negotiable

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