N.C. Court of Appeals Opinions for October 6, 2015

The North Carolina Court of Appeals has released this month’s opinions:

Atl. Coast Props., Inc. v Saunders,   (14-1278). Cotenants; Adverse Possession; Constructive Ouster; Summary Judgment Standard.
Burger v Smith  (15-180). Child Custody and visitation- adequate findings.
City of Asheville v State of N. Carolina,   (14-1255). General Assembly’s authority to regulate powers of political subdivisions; Constitutional limitations on General Assembly’s authority to regulate public water and sewer systems; Local laws; ‘Law of the Land’ provision; Taking of municipality’s property; Political Subdivision’s standing to challenge constitutionality of legislation enacted by General Assembly.
Emp’t Staffing Grp., Inc. v Little  (15-171) . Non-compete covenant; consideration; parol evidence.
Fox v Johnson  (15-206). Collateral Estoppel; Federal Rule 12(b)(6); North Carolina Rule 12(b)(6).
Herndon v. Herndon  (15-28). Fifth Amendment Right Against Self-Incrimination; Domestic Violence Protective Order Hearing.
In re: Rawls  (15-248). Foreclosure- Original note endorsed in blank.
Ketchie, v Fieldcrest Cannon, Inc.,   (15-140). The North Carolina Self-Insurance Security Association; Covered claims.
Khaja v Husna  (14-701). Divorce, alimony, sanctions.
Quinn v Quinn  (14-979). Summary Judgment, Deed, Notarization.
Shannon v Testen,   (15-64). Medical Peer Review Statutes; Bad Faith; Statutory Due Process.
State v Biddix  (15-161). Appeal after guilty plea; N.C. Gen Stat. sec. 15A-1444; Appellate Rule 21; Grounds for issuance for Writ of Certiorari; Dismissal.
State v Carvalho  (14-1251). 1st degree murder; Rule 401, Rule 404(b); Rule 403; Jailhouse informant.
State v Gamble  (15-71). North Carolina Eyewitness Identification Reform Act of 2007 (EIRA).
State v Harwood  (14-971). probation revocation hearing; subject matter jurisdiction; NCGS 15A-1344(f); clerical error; NC Rules of Civil Procedure 60(a).
State v Henry  (15-124). N.C. Rule of Evidence 611.
State v Hooks  (15-212). Trafficking methamphetamine; manufacturing methamphetamine; possession of a precursor chemical; fatal variance.
State v Huey  (15-100). Closing Argument; Gross Impropriety; Expert Witness.
State v Jefferies  (15-137). Juvenile code; parent is necessary party; permanency planning hearing.
State v Juarez  (15-152). First-degree murder, felony murder, doctrine of merger, lesser included offenses, aggressor doctrine.
State v. Mastor  (15-365). Criminal contempt; Consent order; Felony secret peeping; Convicted sex offender; plain meaning; Sex Offender Registration Program.
State v McLamb  (15-39). failure to register as a sex offender, §§ 14-208.9, 14-208.11; indictment.
The NC State Bar v Merrell  (14-1334). Unconsentable conflict of interest in commercial real estate closing.
Wilkes v City of Greenville  (14-1193). Workers’ Compensation; Parsons presumption; Futility of seeking employment.

In addition to those listed above, there were 33 unpublished opinions available here.