What’s Odin Law & Media Playing? (Spring 2022)

As a law firm that primarily works with video game companies, everyone on staff is a gamer in their own right. Here’s what we’ve been playing this spring of 2022:

Brandon J. Huffman, Attorney & Founder

Hades by Supergiant (Nintendo Switch)

I’ve been playing a TON of Hades. Like, a lot of Hades. I loved the visuals, the story, the gameplay – everything. With my son, we’ve also been playing Pikuniku, Bugsnax, Human Fall Flat and ClusterTruck through GamePass. He’ll basically play anything that is both fun and funny.

Laura Yanka, Attorney

Call of the Sea (Out of the Blue Games), Story of Seasons (Marvelous, Natsume)

I played through Call of the Sea which was a puzzle game that had an interesting twist on the typical Lovecraft-inspired story. I also finally unlocked the newest alliance raid in FFXIV which was a lot of fun to do blind (shoutout to our healers). For relaxation, I’ve been enjoying the PC release of Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town. And finally, I’ve been working my way through Baldur’s Gate 2 for my dose of nostalgia.

Connor Richards, Attorney

Kirby and the Forgotten Land by HAL Laboratory (Nintendo Switch)

I’ve been playing Kirby and the Forgotten Land co-op with my wife, which has been a blast, and I finally got around to playing Hades. I’m not usually a big roguelike fan but have really enjoyed it.

Ryan Fairchild, Attorney

Dota by Valve (PC), League of Legends by Riot Games (PC)

I have scrapped together a handful of Dota, League of Legends, and Valorant games, mostly with friends. I’ve also been playing Monopoly and Dragonwood with my kids (board/card games). I’ll probably be doing a lot more board game playing over the summer as I will be away from my desktop and Switch.

Amber Stoll, Office Manager

Untitled Goose Game by House House (Nintendo Switch)

I recently played Untitled Goose Game and loved it. The story was very entertaining and it was all around just good fun. I appreciated the music, it would speed up when more chaos was being created, reacting to the efforts of the player. I still haven’t completed the additional to-do lists, but look forward to it whenever I need a pick-me-up.

Megan Carriker, Marketing Manager

Patrick’s Parabox by Patrick Traynor (PC), Supernatural by Within Unlimited (VR/Meta Quest 2)

I’ve started getting into puzzle games lately but I can only handle them in small doses. Patrick’s Parabox, like Baba is You, is fantastic but it is absolutely a mind-bendy experience. Supernatural, on the other hand, is a VR fitness experience I’ve gotten completely addicted to. It feels like Beat Saber but for grown-ups. If you can find playlists you like within it, it’s a pretty fantastic way to exercise.

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