Announcement: Ryan Fairchild & Amanda Whorton Join Odin Team

We’re excited to issue a warm welcome to Ryan Fairchild and Amanda Whorton for joining our Of Counsel team.

Ryan Fairchild, Of Counsel

Ryan Fairchild’s diverse practice includes an emphasis on esports and gaming entertainment. His passion for video games derives from being a lifelong gamer, and he understands the various cultures and dynamics, as well as legal, economic and structural issues facing the entertainment side of that industry. He represents players, content creators, and stakeholders in a variety of contract and intellectual property issues, among others.

Ryan has authored numerous articles on the esports climate and is a frequent speaker at industry events on the legal issues affecting the esports and gaming entertainment communities.

His top three favorite video games are Dota 2, Fallout: New Vegas and Celeste.

Amanda Whorton, Of Counsel

Amanda’s practice focuses on music, entertainment, and intellectual property, and among her clients have been musicians, television and radio stations, artists, filmmakers, and game developers.  Prior to her work at Odin Law and Media, Amanda clerked for the Honorable Gregory P. McGuire on the North Carolina Business Court and practiced intellectual property, entertainment, and media law at another North Carolina law firm. She currently teaches law at Cornell Law School in Ithaca, New York.

Amanda’s passion for her music, entertainment, and intellectual property clients stems from her passion for storytelling.  Prior to her legal career, Amanda was a television producer for two different PBS stations in Florida, which gives her a unique perspective in understanding what her clients need.

Her favorite game to play with friends is Dungeons & Dragons because it’s collaborative storytelling and it gives her a chance to be creative!

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