Brandon J. Huffman at Casual Connect on the Legal Support Game Companies Need

In a presentation at Casual Connect USA in January, Brandon J. Huffman described the journey video games have taken through expression, legally protected speech and where video games are headed.

Check out the full video for the presentation here.

Here’s an excerpt from the write-up:

Brandon has two pieces of advice to offer game companies, especially indies. Admittedly they are clichés, but important all the same.

A. Know what you don’t know. It can be really tempting to rush headlong into an agreement. Before you do, you probably aren’t going to do the research to fully understand what every term and the consequences of every term of the agreement are. So, know what you don’t know. Know how to issue spot for your chief concerns, and know how to manage risks around the stuff you know you don’t know anything about (which might include hiring someone to help). Think about it: a great artist could learn to program, but it might not be the most efficient way to fill that role on the team. Legal services are similar.

B. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Spending a little bit on legal help, or accounting advice or just business consulting at the outset can save much more in the long run. A minor error not caught and corrected at the beginning can be a major problem at the end.”