Brandon J. Huffman Quoted on Esport Workplace Challenges

The Washington Post recently wrote about alleged workplace abuse at esports organization TSM along with employee misclassifications.

Here is an excerpt:

Former workers described the atmosphere at TSM and Blitz as start-up-like, where hierarchies were fluid and staff was expected to wear many hats at once. But experts who reviewed contracts for some former workers at both companies believed that the categorization of those workers as contractors may have run counter to California labor law.

“I would not be surprised if the state felt that it was a misclassification,” said Brandon Huffman, a founding attorney at Odin Law and Media, a firm specializing in video games, technology and media, after reviewing contracts between TSM and two former workers.

You can read the whole article here: At TSM and Blitz, staff describes toxic workplace and volatile CEO

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