Brandon J. Huffman Quoted on Magic Leap Lawsuit recently covered Magic Leap’s lawsuit against a former employee for alleged breach of contract and unfair competition.

Here is an excerpt:

Even though the suit is in the U.S. Courts, if Magic Leap wins a judgment and there are no assets in the U.S. to recover from, they’d be looking to enforce the judgment in China,” Brandon Huffman, attorney at Odin Law and Media told GameDaily. “Similarly, if the end goal is to stop distribution of the Nreal headset, they’d need to look at how to enforce that kind of an injunction globally, which will be a challenge.”

Still, Huffman believes the lawsuit is a good move on the part of Magic Leap thanks to a combination of alleged case facts, and the current trade climate between the U.S. and China. “Even if they don’t ultimately win in court, their investors will probably still support the decision to litigate,” Huffman explained. “They raised over a quarter of a billion dollars earlier this year, and if they want to continue to raise funds and be perceived as a company worth pouring that kind of money into, they need to defend and protect their inventions.”

You can read the whole article here: Magic Leap files lawsuit against former employee for ‘breach of contract’ and ‘unfair competition’

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