Brandon J. Huffman Quoted on Rick Fox Lawsuit recently covered a lawsuit by Rick Fox, the founder of the esports organization Echo Fox, as he is suing his business partners over alleged fraud and misappropriation of funds.

Here is an excerpt:

Basically, the plaintiff will pay an expert to look through the records and identify potentially problematic transactions–things like withdrawals of cash, strange purchases or transfers–or things booked inappropriately,” Huffman told GameDaily. “Then, through the discovery process, depositions and the like, the plaintiff will try to get more explanation on those problematic items. They’ll look for information about how purchases were actually used–there may be valid reasons for expenses like travel or vehicles, but those could also be misappropriation. To be misappropriation, it would have to be use of the company’s money for personal gain or benefit.”

You can read the whole article here: Rick Fox sues business partners for fraud and misappropriation


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