Brandon J. Huffman to Speak on Three Panels at CVGLS

On Friday, October 25th, the Fifth Annual Chicago Video Game Law Summit will take place and will feature Brandon J. Huffman on three of the five panel sessions.

Brandon J. Huffman will present alongside Marc Whipple on:

Gambling V. Expression: Regulation of Video Games as Enterprise and Art

Panelists will provide an overview of the free speech issues and gambling issues in video games and discuss whether and how the two intersect. The discussion will address what courts view as speech and what they view as gambling. What constitutes expression and what is behavior. How does this affect legal analysis? Finally, panelists will consider if current proposed laws regulating games overreach from a free speech perspective.

He will also present with Ross A. Hersemann, Liz Surette and Scott Kelly on:

Current Issues in Video Game Law: 2019

This panel will cover 2019’s hot topics in video game law including recent litigation, legislation, and transactions in the field. Additionally, the legal specialization of video game law itself will be discussed.

Lastly, Brandon J. Huffman will present with Ross A. Hersemann and Liz Surette on:

IGDA B&L SIG Legal Basics for Indie Developers

In this panel presentation, members of the International Game Developers Association Business and Legal Special Interest Group will discuss the most common legal issues independent game developers face. Everyday issues like business formation procedures, effective contract principles, content creation, and business strategies will be demystified using concrete examples.

Cases to be discussed include at least two filed in 2017, both still in the early stages of litigation: AM General LLC v. Activision Blizzard, Inc. (S.D.N.Y. November 7, 2017), a case mostly about the allegedly unlicensed use of the HMMWV/Humvee trademarks in the Call of Duty video games, and Hamilton v. Speight (E.D. Pa. January 11, 2017), a case about the allegedly unlicensed use of someone’s identity in the creation of a fictional character in the Gears of War video games.



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