Brandon J. Huffman to speak on virtual reality and law at Duke Law today

In what almost seems like an encore presentation of the Duke Sports and Entertainment Law Symposium’s panel presentation on virtual and augmented reality earlier this year, Brandon will be again speaking on a panel on VR at Duke Law today. He will be joined by local VR experts and will be the legal voice on the panel.

VR presents a number of legal issues, from intellectual property concerns to products liability and injury to VR in the courtroom. The concept of a virtual world is not new, and the courts have answered a number of the potential questions in the context of less immersive technologies. The single overriding question, to me, is whether the elevated level of immersion alters any of that analysis.

Brandon J. Huffman

Brandon is the founder of Odin Law and Media. His law practice focuses on transactions and video games, digital media, entertainment and internet related issues. He serves as general counsel to the International Game Developers Association and is an active member of many bar associations and community organizations. He can be reached at brandon at odin law dot com.

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