N.C. Court of Appeals Opinions for April 18, 2017

The North Carolina Court of Appeals released a batch of opinions today:

State v. Mylett  (16-816) Spitting; Assault on a government officer; Requisite intent
In re: J.K.  (16-823) NCGS 7B-911
Boone Ford, Inc. v. IME Scheduler, Inc.  (16-750) Consolidation
Chastain v. Arndt  (16-1151) Rule 12 motions to dismiss; sovereign immunity; purchase of insurance; Tort Claims Act; public official immunity; public official versus public employee.
Dep’t of Transp. v. Riddle  (16-445) condemnation, interlocutory appeal, determination of which of the landowner’s lots constitute the entire tract affected by the taking
In re: A.B., C.B., J.B., A.B.  (16-1040) Termination of Parental Rights; Circumstances at Time of Termination Hearing [No comment]
In re: L.C.  (16-1009) Juvenile adjudication; abuse, neglect, and dependency; Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination; initial dispositional hearing; ceasing reunification efforts; appropriate relative placement
In re: A.P.  (16-1010) standing to file a juvenile petition; subject matter jurisdiction; county of residence; nonsecure custody order.
In re: Thompson  (16-1014) Latent error in deed of trust
Miller v. Miller  (16-486) equitable distribution order, subject matter jurisdiction, in-kind distribution, distributional factors, future value of timber
Moon Wright & Houston, PLLC v. Cole  (16-1046) Interlocutory; summary judgment; bankruptcy
Page v. Chaing  (16-611) motion to dismiss; immunity; interlocutory
Providence Volunteer Fire Dep’t, Inc. v. Town of Weddington  (16-80) Governmental immunity; Proprietary vs Governmental functions; notice of lis pendens and preliminary injunctions.
State v. Battle  (16-1002) Possession of a firearm by a felon; canine tracking; motion to dismiss; insufficient evidence of actual or constructive possession.
State v. Huddy  (16-904) Unconstitutional Search of Home’s Curtilage; Knock and Talk Doctrine; Community Caretaker Doctrine
State v. Little  (16-870) Illustrative Evidence, Photographs from Social Media
State v. Malachi  (16-752) Disjunctive jury instructions; new trial; jury instructions unsupported by the evidence.
State v. McNair  (16-707) Breaking or entering a place of religious worship; possession of burglary tools; injury to personal property; curtilage; fatal variance in indictment; facial invalidity of indictment; constructive possession; insufficiency of the evidence.
State v. Thorpe  (16-1008) Motion to suppress prior conviction; presumption of regularity
Terry v. The Cheesecake Factory Rests., Inc.  (16-549) venue
WASCO LLC v. N.C. Dep’t Of Env’t & Nat. Res.  (16-414) NC Hazardous Waste Management; Fed – RDRA; hazardous waster permit program

There were also 28 unpublished opinions available here.