N.C. Court of Appeals Opinions for October 20, 2015

The North Carolina Court of Appeals has released a new batch of opinions:

State v Campbell  (13-1404-2). fatal variance, special property interest, ineffective assistance of counsel, NC Rules of Evidence 403 & 404(b)
CB Windswept, LLC v Cape Fear Pub. Util. Auth.  (15-374). Water and sewer impact fees- ultra vires
Miller v Miller  (15-309). credit for over payment of post-separation support; equitable distribution; exclusion of expert testimony
Point S. Props., LLC v Cape Fear Pub. Util. Auth.  (15-371), Water and sewer impact fees- ultra vires
Savage v Zelent  (15-282). North Carolina Uniform Foreign-Country; Money Judgments Recognition Act, Attorneys’ Fees, alimony, public policy
Scheffer v Dalton  (15-264). Moped lighting, wrongful death, contributory negligence, redactions on exhibit, last clear chance.
State v Crisco  (15-272). Clergy-communicant privilege. N.C.G.S. 8-53.2. Disclosures or Confessions to a Third Party. Prejudicial error. [more at WRAL]
State v Gettys  (15-51). motion to strike jury venire, corroboration & impeachment, special jury instruction on sequestration
State v Hammonds  (15-53). custody for purposes of Miranda, voluntary confession, involuntary commitment, restitution
State v. Hicks  (15-491). methamphetamine manufacture; rejection of plea arrangement; Alford plea; right to a continuance; waiver; authentication of business records [more on this case]
State v Joyner  (14-1289). Felony larceny; Evidence; Rule 609(b)-impeachment with prior convictions; Preservation of error
State v Matsoake  (15-304). First degree rape, Spousal Privilege, Lesser included offense, DNA evidence [Crying not privileged; more from the ABA Journal]
State v Miller  (15-295). Motion to suppress; guilty plea; motion to dismiss [more from Smith Moore’s North Carolina Appellate Practice Blog]
Dewey Wright Well & Pump Co., Inc. v Worlock  (14-1293). res judicata, collateral estoppel, interlocutory appeal, substantial right

In addition to those listed above, there were 34 unpublished opinions available here.