N.C. Court of Appeals Opinions for September 6, 2016

The North Carolina Court of Appeals released a batch of opinions today:

Azige v. Holy Trinity Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church  (15-760) 1st Amendment – ecclesiastical matters; subject matter jurisdiction. MORE TO COME.
Draughon v. Cobblestone HOA Of Clayton, Inc.  (15-1280) Implied in fact contract; benefits; estoppel; unjust enrichment
Emerald Portfolio, LLC v. Outer Banks/Kinnakeet Assocs., LLC  (16-31) Lost Note, Guaranty, Summary Judgment
HSBC Bank USA v. PRMC, Inc.  (16-96) Pro se appeal, Motion to continue, Guarantor, Summary Judgment
Lueallen v. Lueallen  (15-890) Interlocutory appeal; Child Custody, abuse of discretion; child support – imputed income, appears, civil contempt for failure to pay; purge conditions; attorney fees
Mannise v. Harrell  (16-42) 1) domestic violence protective order; 2) personal jurisdiction; 3) long-arm statute; 4) minimum contacts with North Carolina
NC Dept. of Transp. v. Mission Battleground Park  (16-125) 1) just compensation; 2) broker price opinion/comparative market analysis, N.C. Gen. Stat. 93A-83, 3) exclusion of acoustical demonstration, 4) juror misconduct; 5) damage to the residual due to changes in non-owned land [Of note: super loud pink noise inadmissable to show increase in sound from highway project]
Sain v. Cobblestone HOA Of Clayton, Inc.  (15-1302) Implied in fact contract; benefits; estoppel; unjust enrichment
Sanchez v. Cobblestone HOA Of Clayton, Inc.  (15-1281) Inplied in fact contract; benefits; estoppel; unjust Enrichment
Saunders v. ADP TotalSource Fi Xi, Inc.  (15-1390) 1) workers’ compensation; 2) attendant care medical compensation; 3) attorney’s fees; 4) reasonableness review, N.C. Gen. Stat. 97-90(c); 5) standing; 6) intervention; 7) right to direct care
State v. Allen  (16-271) Supervised probation; community punishment; NCGS 15A-1343(a1)and (a1)(3); clerical error in judgment
State v. Clevinger  (15-1292) Hearsay, relevance, robbery with a dangerous weapon
State v. Crabtree  (15-1124) Vouching for victim credibility
State v. Downey  (16-164) Inventory of items seized pursuant to search warrant
State v. Hunt  (16-143) lesser included offense; jury instructions; trafficking in opium; Rule 702; Daubert
State v. King  (15-765) sexual offense, kidnapping, mistrial, motion to dismiss
State v. Wagner  (15-1111) Lay Opinion Testimony as to Guilt; Mitigating Factors at Sentencing; Privilege Against Self-Discrimination
State v. Whisenant  (16-82) Robbery with a dangerous weapon; Wielding unopened knife; Threats of death; Motion to continue and for substitute counsel; Lack of contact and illness.

In addition, there were 36 unpublished opinions available here.