North Carolina Court of Appeals Opinions for January 17, 2017

A few weeks late here. On January 17, the N.C. Court of Appeals released a batch of opinions:

Banks v. Hunter  (16-666) Subject matter jurisdiction; mortgage; promissory note default; deed of trust; foreclosure.
Brookline Residential, LLC v. City of Charlotte  (16-202) Obligation of City to Call Infrastructure Bond; Declaratory and Injunctive Relief
Edwards v. Edwards  (16-346) Equitable distribution, admissibility of ad valorem tax values to value real property in an equitable distribution.
Mitchell v. Pruden  (16-428) public official immunity; 12(b)(6) motion to dismiss; interlocutory
RME Mgmt., LLC v. Chapel H.O.M. Assocs., LLC  (16-596) Summary Ejectment Action, Summary Judgment, Real Property, Leases/Contracts, Property Taxes, Meaning of When Due as that phrase relates to lessee’s obligation to pay property taxes on a leased premises
S. Shores Realty Servs., Inc. v. Miller  (16-557) LLC – Piercing Corporate Veil
Smith v. Polsky  (16-605) Voluntary Dismissal of Claims, Denial of Motion In Limine Based upon the defense of Res Judicata, Interlocutory Appeal
State v. Burton  (16-343) Ineffective Assistance of Counsel; Ready Mobility of a Car; Incriminating Statements; Reading Warrant to Two Defendants
State v. Evans  (16-629) Right to Speedy Trial
State v. Greene  (15-1060) larceny from the person, motion to dismiss, conspiracy to possess stolen property, hearsay testimony, ineffective assistance of counsel, jury instructions, arrest judgment
State v. Johnson  (16-491) Miranda, Confession, Voluntary, Hope or Fear
State v. Mobley  (16-545) Defendant’s Competency to be Tried, Necessity for Evaluation
State v. Silva  (16-278) NCGS § 15A-928C(c) – arraignment
Tater Patch Est. Home Owner’s Ass’n v. Sutton  (16-787) HOA, assessments, re-combined lots, lack of access
Thompson v. Int’l Paper Co.  (15-1383) workers comp, attendant care services, prescribed by authorized health care provider
Williams v. Advance Auto Parts, Inc.  (16-625) Amending Complaint; Adding New Defendant; Statute of Limitations.

There were also 20 unpublished opinions.