North Carolina Court of Appeals Opinions for January 19, 2016

The North Carolina Court of Appeals has released a batch of opinions:

Carpenter v Carpenter  (14-1066). Alimony; Attorneys’ Fees; Uniform Transfers to Minors Act; Equitable Distribution; Subject Matter Jurisdiction
Eason v. Taylor  (15-779). equitable distribution
Greenshields, Inc. v. Travelers Prop. Cas. Co. of Am.  (15-539). Failure to prosecute
In re: A.B. & J.B.  (15-910). termination of parental rights
In re: A.L.  (15-693). Jurisdiction; termination of parental rights
In re: C.B., D.B., C.B.  (15-644). Juveniles; Termination of Parental Rights; Hearsay; Business Records Exception
In re: Q.A., J.A., M.A., S.G., T.G.  (15-933). Juvenile neglect
In re: C.L.S.  (15-613). Termination of parental rights, neglect, incarceration
In re: Herndon  (15-488). two dismissal rule; foreclosure by power of sale
State v. Baker  (15-649). attempted rape
State v Barnett  (15-200). Deterring a Witness; habitual misdemeanor assault; SBM; sex offender registration orders; permanent no contact orders.
State v Travis  (15-413). Reasonable Suspicion; Motion to Suppress; Controlled Substance Transaction; Recitation of Testimony in Findings of Fact

There were also 34 unpublished opinions, available here.