What’s Odin Law & Media Playing? (Fall 2021)

As a law firm that primarily works with video game companies, everyone on staff is a gamer in their own right. Here’s what we’ve been playing this fall of 2021:

Brandon Huffman, Attorney & Founder

Kena: Bridge of Spirits by Ember Lab (PS5) and Stardew Valley by ConcernedApe (PC)

I’ve been playing Kena: Bridge of Spirits. It’s a client game but I’d play it even if it wasn’t. It’s a beautiful adventure through the woods – with more beauty and less pollen than real woods. It’s really amazing artistry (from the visuals to the story to the music) from a small studio with a ton of heart. I’m still playing Stardew Valley to unwind and every iteration of Mario with my son. He’s also gotten very into Ring Fit Adventure.

Laura Yanka, Attorney

Cozy Grove by Spry Fox (PC) & Unpacking by Witch Beam (PC)

I recently tried Unpacking and Cozy Grove, both of which have the perfect “comfy” vibe that I needed in October. There’s something about cold weather, hot drinks, and slow-paced games that is just perfect. The new Animal Crossing update has been fun as well, definitely a reason to log back in after several months away from the island. Final Fantasy XIV also remains a staple in my gaming rotation. Super excited for Endwalker in December! I also managed to brute force my way into Master tier on Pokemon Unite in time to enjoy the Halloween event without having to worry about ranked.

Amber Stoll, Office Manager

Don’t Starve by Klei Entertainment (PC)

I recently have been playing a lot of Don’t Starve. Needing a change of pace from the gentle repetitive tasks of Stardew Valley, but not wanting to fully leap out of the hunting/gathering life. It’s always fun to re-visit a game you think you’re familiar with and discover several things you didn’t know before when you get a step further! And I still frequent Skyrim, my favorite escape. On previous Skyrim benders, I have avoided quests involving the more ominous Daedra but I think it’s finally time to delve into the lore of immortal beings who occasionally wreak havoc and always demand worship.

Megan Carriker, Marketing Manager

Coffee Talk by Toge Productions (Nintendo Switch) & Valheim by Iron Gate AB (PC)

I picked up Coffee Talk one weekend in November and then didn’t really stop playing it until I finished it. It was the perfect light weekend game and I loved it more than I expected to! If you’re into narrative games with some unique, light game mechanics then this is a chill one to pick up. Along with Unpacking by Witch Beam, like Laura mentioned.

My husband and I have also been playing Valheim AKA I join our server and look in awe at the creations he’s built, ask him to build me new weapons, then go and promptly die in the wilderness. I’ll get the timing right on my battle axe eventually…

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