What’s Odin Law & Media Playing (Spring 2021)

As a law firm with several video game attorneys on staff, everyone is a gamer in their own right. Here’s what we’ve been playing this spring:

Brandon Huffman, Attorney & Founder

Sid Meier’s Civilization® VI: Gathering Storm by Firaxis Games (PC)

I’ve been playing Civilization VI occasionally with Megan – specifically with the Gathering Storm expansion. Megan started up a climate change-related stream and we have played together there. I learned a ton about history as a teen playing the game and reading through the Civilopedia, so it’s been a fun trip down memory lane.

Stephanie Fields, Attorney

Fortnite by Epic Games (PC)

I’m still riding the Fortnite train though I’ll be the first to admit this isn’t my favorite season. The crafting mechanics provide an interesting element but I miss snipers. Bows are fun but they aren’t as satisfying as a solid sniper headshot. I’ll be ready for a change when the new season starts. Still keeping my fingers crossed that they bring back Mega Mall.

Amber Stoll, Office Manager

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics by Bonus Xp Inc. (Nintendo Switch), Stardew Valley by ConcernedApe (Nintendo Switch)

I got The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance Tactics for my sister, not knowing how we would respond to the turn-based RPG battles (I like to wander freely and my sister likes to feel like she’s accomplishing something, she amassed a great fortune in animal crossing). We are both hooked! The original hook was the movie we remember watching on TV. I cannot begin to tell you how excited she was when I gave this to her! We both have enjoyed playing this immensely and strategizing on which abilities to choose and how to level up the team. It is single player, but we were still able to enjoy sharing this experience!

And for Stardew Valley – it’s just a beautiful farm to develop as you see fit. An enchanting (albeit sometimes culty) town to get to know. Crafting (and cooking!) from resources you collect or farm. Dungeon style mines with treasure. New places to explore as you complete some objectives. I didn’t expect to get thoroughly lost in this game or to find it incredibly relaxing. And it’s quirky. I have a coop full of tiny lizard-like dinosaurs I hatched. I’m trying to convince a sewer dwelling shadow monster to be my friend by buying their affection with diamonds. I find myself even getting lost in rabbit holes about this game when I’m simply googling something that seems straightforward. The one issue I take – dinosaur mayonnaise. Why is this possible? Who hurt this person?

Megan Carriker, Strategy Advisor

Alba by ustwo games (PC)

As Brandon mentioned, we’ve been playing a healthy amount of Civilization VI: Gathering Storm lately. I can stop whenever I want. It’s not a problem. I just need one more turn…

And with my stream, I’ve been experimenting with a ton of games like Beyond Blue, Eco, We Are The Caretakers, Sunlight, Ecosystem and more.

My favorite so far has been Alba, which I learned about through the IGDA Climate SIG (special interest group). Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is an open-world adventure game that focuses on exploring the world and conserving the wildlife. It’s fantastic. Especially for people who love games like Pokemon Snap and Animal Crossing – I wholeheartedly recommend it!


Megan is a video game industry veteran and guest blogs at Odinlaw.com

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