Brandon J. Huffman Quoted on Fortnite Contract Dispute, Telltale’s Licensed Content recently covered Fornite player Tfue suing former team, FaZe Clan, over a contract dispute.

Here is an excerpt:

We have not seen the contract, but, some provisions of law cannot be contracted around,” Brandon Huffman, attorney for Odin Law told GameDaily. “Especially those that are designed to protect consumers or individuals, like California’s Talent Agency Act.” Passed in 1978, The California Talent Agency Act states that parties seeking to represent entertainers–in this case an esports player–must have a talent agency license number. If it’s found that FaZe Clan does not possess such a license, it could mean that it has violated the Act. “Teams like FaZe could be subjected to the Act, meaning they’d have to adhere to the same protective provisions that talent agents do,” Huffman said. “These are designed to protect the individual performers and athletes, but in the esports world, the Act has been too widely ignored.”

You can read the whole article here. also continued coverage of Telltale Games and the disappearance of the company’s games from digital storefronts.

Here is an excerpt:

I have not seen the licenses to Telltale, but it would be safe to assume that in the event of a bankruptcy or dissolution of the company, the licensors would have certain rights to clawback their assets,” says Brandon Huffman, founder of Odin Law & Media. In that case, the rights to the characters and settings featured in those games would revert back to the IP holders, but the games themselves would still be among Telltale’s assets to be sold to settle the company’s accounts and satisfy qualified debt holders.

You can read the whole article here.