Brandon J. Huffman Quoted on Ion Maiden Video Game Suit, Minecraft Story Mode recently covered Iron Maiden’s law suit against 3D Realms’ shooter, Ion Maiden.

Here is an excerpt:

Attorney Brandon Huffman, founder of Odin Law & Media and Hoeg agree that alternate meanings of the term “iron maiden” as a medieval torture device may support 3D Realms’ case. Both also suggest that the case isn’t a cut-and-dry overreach. “There are two key legal theories,” Huffman told GameDaily. “Consumer confusion and passing off. If Iron Maiden can show that consumers are likely to be confused about the origin of the game—that users will think it is an Iron Maiden game—they will win. Or if they can show that 3D Realms is intentionally trying to confuse consumers by ‘passing off’ their product as an Iron Maiden product, they will win.”

You can read the whole article here. also continued (even more) coverage of Telltale Games and the disappearance of the game company’s catalog – this time being Minecraft: Story Mode.

Here is an excerpt:

This announcement comes just a week after Telltale’s remaining library was delisted on the GOG storefront. Much like that decision, Story Mode’s discontinuation raises questions about ownership in the digital age and what legal recourse customers might have against a nonexistent company. “It really depends on how the terms of service or EULA were written in each version,” attorney Brandon Huffman told GameDaily, though he’s not optimistic that consumers have any recourse in this situation. “Given the scale of the project, it would shock me if they did not have an iron clad out… The EULA would likely have included the right to shut down the game.”

You can read the whole article here.