Brandon J. Huffman to Present at PAX Online 2020

On Saturday, September 19th, Brandon J. Huffman will be presenting at PAX Online 2020 along with Yan Perng (Associate General Counsel, NCSOFT), Ryan Black (Partner, DLA Piper), Angelo Alcid (Cloud Partner Contracts Manager, Google), Genie Doi (Of Counsel, ESG Law), and Matt Dobill (Associate, Frankfurt, Kurnit, Klein & Selz). The topic will be:

Ask Game Lawyers Anything: This Normally Costs Money!

“We’re a group of video game and esports enthusiasts who happen to be lawyers. We met at PAX and other video game and lawyer conventions (yes, those are a thing) and have been speaking at PAX events for years about legal topics near and dear to our digital pastime. We have topics we can talk about if nobody’s brave: influencer advertising; loot crates; IP law; corp stuff; trademarks; but we’d love to answer YOUR questions and give out legal info on video game and law topics

Note: We can’t give specific legal advice; we aren’t insured for that! Use hypotheticals, people!”

To learn more and add it to your PAX Online schedule, please click here.

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