N.C. Court of Appeals Opinions for April 5, 2016

The North Carolina Court of Appeals released a batch of opinions today:

Piazza, v Kirkbride,   (15-48). North Carolina Securities Act; N.C.G.S.78A-56(a)(2); Director Safe Harbor; Reasonable Care Defense
Barron v Eastpointe Hum. Servs., LME  (15-380). Employee dismissal; Assignments of error; Due Process; Investigator bias; Notice of the reasons for dismissal under N.C.G.S. 126-35(a)
Catawba Cnty. v. Loggins  (15-711). Child Support; Modification; Voluntary Support Agreement; Change of Circumstance.
Davis v Hulsing Hotels N. Carolina, Inc.  (15-368). Dram Shop; Alcohol Poisoning; Negligence; Contributory Negligence.
Div. Of Med. Assistance v. Parker Home Care, LLC  (15-1033). Medicaid-Tentative Notice of Over Payment
Freedman v. Payne  (15-858). Legal malpractice
Hart v. Brienza  (15-1078). Public official immunity, individual and official capacities. Governmental immunity. Waiver of immunity. Pierce the cloak. NCGS 15A-401(d)(officer’s use of deadly force). Purchase of liability insurance by county. Punitive damages.
Hayes v. Waltz  (15-605). Alienation of Affections; JNOV; Closing Arguments; N.C.R. Civ. P. 59; N.C.R. Civ. P. 60; Punitive Damages; N.C. Gen. Stat. 1D-50
Hodge v. NC DOT  (15-596). Whistleblower Act; retaliation; summary judgment; burden-shifting
Hunt v. Hunt  (15-900). Alimony; Child Support; Unconditional right to intervene
In re: Michelin N. Am., Inc.  (15-415). Taxation; Property Tax Commission; Inventory Owned by Manufacturers.
In re: Skybridge Terrace, LLC  (15-810). Condominium Act; Development Rights; Summary Judgment
Lasecki v Lasecki  (15-253). separation agreement, child support, alimony, imputation of income
Malone v Hutchinson-Malone  (14-1400). Child Support
N.C. Dep’t Of Health & Hum. Servs. v. Parker Home Care, LLC  (15-1026). Medicaid-Tentative Notice of Over Payment
People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals, Inc. v Myers  (15-366). moot. [Possum Drop case. This opinion actually quotes the Lorax. “Both plaintiff/petitioners and defendants/respondents claim the right to speak for the opossums, but the General Assembly has passed a law which says, in effect, that no one may speak for Virginia opossums during the relevant time period. For this reason, we must dismiss this appeal as moot.” Specifically, N.C. Gen. Stat. § 113-291.13 (2015) exempts opossums from certain regulations between December 29 and January 2.]
SED Holdings, LLC v. 3 Star Props., LLC  (15-747). Forum Selection Clause; Non-consumer Loan, Fraud; Texas
State v. Bonetsky  (15-811). As applied challenge to the Felony Firearms Act under Article I, Section 30 of the North Carolina Constitution
State v. Garrett  (15-845). Possession
State v. Hallum  (15-526). motion to dismiss; jury instructions; resentencing
State v. Johnson  (15-793). Reasonable, articulable suspicion; unsafe movement.
State v Johnson  (15-29). Fourth Amendment; Terry Frisk; Terry Stop
State v Kpaeyeh  (15-391). speedy trial, motion to dismiss, satellite-based monitoring
State v Moultry  (15-267). relevancy, corroboration, lay opinion
State v. Oxendine  (15-508). Criminal sufficiency of indictment; manufacturing meth; precursors to manufacture
State v. Stimson  (15-1001). Motion to quash subpoena [Department of Revenue employee subpoenaed by criminal defendant]
State v. Stith  (15-615). Indictments; amendment; fatal variance; possession with intent to sell or deliver hydrocodone; trafficking in an opium derivative by sale; hydrocodone and hydrocodeinone are synonyms
State v Watkins  (15-443). De Novo Sentencing Default Rule; Interpreting General and Limited Remands.
State v Watts  (15-358). Rule 404(b) – Evidence [Great description from the CoA. This is from the opinion Defendant raises three issues on appeal: whether the trial court (1) erred by admitting Rule 404(b) testimony, (2) erred by refusing his request for an instruction on the Rule 404(b) testimony, and (3) plainly erred by allowing testimony of a nurse practitioner who examined Sally.]
Stokes v Crumpton  (14-1344). motion to compel discovery, motion to vacate arbitration award, interlocutory order
The City of Charlotte v. Univ. Fin. Props., LLC  (15-473). Condemnation; Eminent Domain; Just Compensation; Fair Market Value
United States Cold Storage, Inc. v Town of Warsaw  (15-341). Municipality’s obligation to provide continued sewerage service to non-resident who refuses to petition for voluntary annexation
Whicker v. Compass Grp. USA, Inc.  (15-1201). Workers Compensation; Joint Employment Doctrine; Lent Employee Doctrine; Implied Contract of Employment; Burden of Proof

There were also 50 unpublished opinions. All are available here.