N.C. Supreme Court Opinions for April 15 2016

The North Carolina Supreme Court published a batch of opinions today:

State v. Snead, (90PA15) (View COA Opinion). Conviction of defendant for felony larceny based solely on lay testimony describing contents of store surveillance video; whether the Court of Appeals erred in finding inadmissible (1) the video based on lack of a proper foundation, and (2) a store employee’s estimate of the value of the goods stolen.
Ribelin v. Creel, (112A15) (View COA Opinion). Whether a plaintiff who waited seven years after filing her initial complaint for child custody and support to prosecute her claim for child support waived her right to past child support during that seven-year interim. (Affirmed, review of additional issues improvidently allowed).
State v. Davis, (132PA15) (View COA Opinion). Whether, at defendant’s trial for sexual abuse of a child, the trial court erred in admitting expert opinion testimony supporting the allegations of abuse.
NCAE v. State, (228A15) (View COA Opinion). Constitutionality of repeal in 2013 of public school teachers’ Career Status Law; challenges based on Contract Clause of the Federal Constitution and Law of the Land Clause of the N.C. Constitution.
Atlantic Coast Props., Inc. v. Saunders, (365A15) (View COA Opinion). Petition by purchaser of undivided one-half interest in land to partition the property; whether respondent cotenants acquired sole title to the property via their ancestor’s constructive ouster of all others having an ownership interest in the land.

There were also 81 unpublished opinions, available here.