N.C. Court of Appeals Opinions for April 19, 2016

The North Carolina Court of Appeals released a batch of opinions today:

State v Taylor  (14-21-2) (View Supreme Court Opinion). 5th Amendment right to counsel, invocation and waiver, premeditation and deliberation
Barnette v. Lowe’s Home Ctrs., Inc.  (15-938) Injury by accident
Berens v Berens  (15-230) Attorney-Client Privilege; Agent; Remand
Dancy v. Dancy  (15-1049) Visitation, Child Custody Modification.
DOT v. Adams Outdoor Adver. of Charlotte Ltd. P’ship  (15-589) Section 108 Hearing, condemnation, billboard, eminent domain, compensation, outdoor Advertising Control Act
Epic Games, Inc. v Murphy-Johnson  (15-454) Arbitration; Scope of Arbitrable Issues; Delegating Issues of Substantive Arbitrability to Arbitrator. [MORE TO COME, OF COURSE]
Farrell v Thomas  (15-257) Implied Consent Offense; Reasonable Grounds; Exclusionary Rule Inapplicable
In re: M.S.  (15-1162) Stepparent lacks standing to appeal juvenile adjudication and disposition order
McLennan v. Josey  (15-533) N.C. Gen. Stat. 6-21.r, Justicable Issue,
Se. Caissons, LLC v. Choate Constr. Co.  (15-1284) Forum selection/venue; interlocutory appeal; unexecuted contract; conduct by the parties.
Smith v Smith  (15-185) Child custody; child support; equitable distribution
Smith v Smith  (15-331) Motion to stay execution of judgment; contempt
St. Peter v Lyon  (15-332) child support, motion to modify, sua sponte motion
State v. Allen  (15-708) Jurisdiction; misdemeanor; citation
State v. Godwin  (15-766) Expert testimony; HGN test
State v. Hill  (15-675) Lay Witness Identification Testimony; Fatal Variance Indictment
State v Howard  (14-1021) Second degree murder; Motion for Appropriate Relief; Post-Conviction DNA Testing; Appellate Jurisdiction; Evidentiary Hearing
State v. Ramano  (15-940) DWI, Blood Draw, Consent, Warrentless Search.
State v. Torrence  (15-949) Expert testimony; HGN test
State v. Williams  (15-1052) N.C. Gen. Stat 50B-4.1(g1); North Carolina Domestic Violence Act; Rule of Lenity; Statutory Construction [Seriously, Rule of Lenity]
Daughtridge v. The NC Zoological Soc’y, Inc.  (15-1151) Quiet title action; two-judge rule

In addition, there were 49 unpublished opinions available here.