N.C. Court of Appeals Opinions for May 3, 2016

The North Carolina Court of Appeals released a batch of opinions today:

State v. Singletary  (15-1125). Facial and as applied Constitutional challenge of NCGS 14-27.4A(c). Egregious aggravation. Sixth Amendment. Blakely v. Washington. Expert witness compensation. Jury instruction on interested witness.
Campbell v. Garda USA, Inc.  (15-756). Workers’ Compensation; Attorneys’ Fees; Unfounded Litigiousness
In re: S.Z.H.  (15-1270). notice of appeal, termination of parental rights, abandonment, delay in entry of order
NC Dept. of Pub. Safety v. Ledford  (15-595). Political affiliation discrimination. More to come.
Ponder v. Ponder  (15-1277). NCGS 50B-3. Domestic Violence Protection Order [DVPO]. Renewal of a Domestic Violence Protection Order. Attorney’s Fees. Jurisdiction after Notice of Appeal.
Smith v. Herbin  (15-1074). Lay Witness Testimony of Causation; Neurological Injuries
State v. Bedient  (15-1011). Motion to suppress; Fourth Amendment; traffic stop
State v. Castillo  (15-855). motion to suppress; reasonable suspicion; consent
State v. Hill  (15-675). Lay Witness Identification Testimony; Fatal Variance Indictment
State v. James  (15-684). NCGS §§ 15A-1340.19A through 1340.19D; cruel and unusual punishment; ex post facto; due process
State v. Watkins  (15-1221). Motion to Dismiss; Misdemeanor Child Abuse; Substantial Risk of Physical Injury

There were also roughly 50 unpublished opinions, available here.