N.C. Court of Appeals Opinions for July 19, 2016

The North Carolina Court of Appeals released a batch of opinions today:

Dellinger v. Lincoln Cty.  (15-1370). Private property; zoning ordinance; prima facie showing of entitlement to permit; shifting-burden; due process. [Solar Energy]
Diorio Forest Prods., Inc. v. Barth  (15-1210) Standing; statute of limitations; fraud; UDTP; civil conspiracy
In re: Alex Shackelford  (15-1266) Involuntary Commitment; Deprivation of Meaningful Appellate Review; Lack of Verbatim Transcript
Newton v. Barth  (15-1209) Standing; statute of limitations; fraud; UDTP; civil conspiracy
Sessions v. Sloane  (15-1095) Rule 26; Privilege in Camera Review; Discovery.
State v. Barnes  (15-1173) motion to suppress; Defendant was not in custody for the purpose of Miranda v. Arizona where Defendant was on probation and was restrained for a temporary duration and questioned during a routine probation-related search
State v. Campos  (16-49) felony child abuse, jury instructions
State v. Gordon  (15-820) First-degree kidnapping; Ex mero motu intervention
State v. Hayes  (16-207) statutory construction, indecent exposure, N.C. Gen. Stat. § 14-190.9(a) & (a1); Defendant was improperly convicted of both felony indecent exposure and misdemeanor indecent exposure; judgment arrested and case remanded
State v. Jones  (15-1239) Second-degree Sexual Exploitation of a Minor; Waiver of Right to Jury Trial; Arraignments; Fatal Variance; Motion to Dismiss
Tankala v. Pithavadian  (15-755) modification; child custody order; parenting coordinator
Tuwamo v Tuwamo  (15-356) failure to state a claim; 12(B)(6), sua sponte dismissal; no genuine issue of material fact

There were also 44 unpublished opinions, available here.