N.C. Court of Appeals Opinions for June 21, 2016

The North Carolina Court of Appeals released a batch of opinions today:

Anderson, v N. C. State Bd. Of Elections  (14-1369). Mootness; Capable of Repetition, yet evading review to mootness; Public interest exception to mootness; Election Law; Petition for Judicial Review [Watauga County early voting case]
In re: Skinner  (15-384). Clerk’s rulings on issues of law reviewed de novo. Special needs trust formed under U.S.C.S 1396 p(d)(4)(A)
In re: Peacock  (15-1238). Marriage License; N.C. Gen. Stat. 51-1 and 51-6
Long v Currituck Cnty.  (15-376). municipal ordinances [What is a single family dwelling, anyway?]
State v. Armstrong  (15-1324). Subject Matter Jurisdiction, Superior Court Jurisdiction.
State v. Sandy & Supris  (15-996). Motion for Appropriate Relief, exculpatory evidence, Brady
State v. Brown  (15-1347). Search warrant; staleness of information
State v. Dove  (15-1273). Stealing Evidence, Motion to Dismiss [Read this before you steal money used in an undercover operation]
State v. Lineberger  (15-1233). Indictment, Breaking or entering
State v. Martin  (15-1104). Armed robbery, closing argument
State v. Spence  (15-549). Criminal; resentencing hearing, de novo review
State v. Williams  (15-1004). Sentencing, aggravating factors, notice, Sixth Amendment, DWI
Vaughan v. Mashburn  (15-1230). Rule 9(j) certification

There were also 30 unpublished opinions, available here.