N.C. Court of Appeals Decisions for July 5, 2016

The North Carolina Court of Appeals released a batch of opinions today:

Allen Indus., Inc. v. Kluttz  (15-521) preliminary injunction bond. [Non-compete.]
Caron Assocs., Inc. v. Southside Mfg. Corp.  (15-1376) Assignment; Factoring; Accounts Receivable; Condition Precedent.
Eisenberg v Hammond  (15-287) Arbitration [In family law context]
Grasinger v. Williams  (15-518) Appellate jurisdiction; Mandatory Complex Business Case; Appellant bears burden to provide designation date in order to confer jurisdiction
Hampton v. Scales  (15-1335) Legal Malpractice- Appellate Court’s Review Limited to Record Contents
Herron v. NC Bd. of Exam’rs For Eng’rs & Surveyors  (15-1382) Revocation of surveyor’s license – due process
Hoover v. Hoover  (15-1396) Modification of Alimony
In re Adoption Of: C.H.M.  (15-1057) Adoption, N.C. Gen. Stat. 48-3-601; consent of putative father
In re: Cain  (15-591) Foreclosure by power of sale; De novo hearing in superior court; Trustees; Breach of fiduciary duty; Judicial admissions; Hearsay; Business records exception
Jenkins v. Batts  (15-655) summary judgment, genuine issues of material fact & dispute
King Fa, LLC v. Chen  (16-47) Subject matter jurisdiction
Nguyen v. Heller-Nguyen  (15-1186) Parenting Coordinator Fee; Vested Child Support Arrears; Best Interest of the Child.
S. Carolina Telecomms. Grp. Holdings v. Miller Pipeline LLC  (15-969) Summary Judgment; Affidavits; Personal Knowledge; Negligence; Trespass
State v. Frazier  (15-1089) First-degree felony murder, child abuse, intent, merger doctrine
State v. Goins  (15-1183) Terry stop; automobile; fleeing
State v. Mills  (16-64) Writ of Certiorari; Self-Defense; Jury Instruction; Closing Argument; Ex Mero Motu.
State v. Sellers  (15-1163) Indictment; Subject matter jurisdiction; Financial card theft.
The Kimberley Rice Kaestner 1992 Fam. Tr. v. NC Dept. of Revenue  (15-896) Dur [sic] process, minimum contracts [sic. should say “contacts”] , taxiation [sic] of out-of-state trust, summary judgment

There were also 35 unpublished opinions, available here.