N.C. Court of Appeals Opinions for March 1, 2016

The North Carolina Court of Appeals released a batch of opinions today:

B S K Enters., Inc., v Beroth Oil Co.  (15-189). Groundwater contamination, trespass, nuisance, cost of remediation, diminution in value, OPHSCA
Baldwin v. RHA Health Servs., Inc.  (15-952). Long term care facilities, health care provider, NCGS 90-21.11(1), medical malpractice, Rule 9(j) certification, Rule 12 (b)(6) motion to dismiss.
Beaufort Builders, Inc. v. White Plains Church Ministries, Inc.  (15-582). Economic Loss Rule; Breach of Contract; JNOV
Blackmon v. Tri-Arc Food Sys., Inc.  (15-721). Negligence; Summary Judgment. Affirms summary judgment for Bojangles for injuries sustained in parking lot.
Don’t Do It, [sic] Empire, LLC v Tenntex  (15-939). Failure to preserve Civil Procedure Rule 7 issue. This is a good one. Full disclosure: I worked on this case in a prior life.
Harris v Gilchrist  (15-437). Real estate; partition by sale; tenancy in common; betterments; rents; contribution
In re: Williams  (15-619). Intestate Succession; Illegitimate Child
Murray v Univ. of NC At Chapel Hill  (15-375). Grounds for interlocutory appeal of denial of motion to dismiss based on sovereign immunity. Title IX suit. UNC appealed denial of motion to dismiss, claimed interlocutory appeal should be permitted because of substantial right (immunity), but failed to assert immunity at trial court level. Appeal dismissed.
State v. Chaves  (15-587). Voluntary Manslaughter; Jury Instructions; Heat of Passion; Second-degree Murder
State v Curtis  (15-279). motion to dismiss – sufficiency of evidence; second-degree kidnapping
State v. Givens  (15-710). Ineffective assistance of counsel, Harbison inquiry, self-defense, first-degree murder
State v. Johnson  (15-1051). Probation revocation, Absconding, Required conduct and findings, NCGS 15A-1344(a).
State v. Johnson  (15-903). Probation revocation; Absconding; NCGS 15A-1343(b)(3a); NCGS 15A-1344; Burden of proof.
State v. Marshall  (15-560). Attempted Murder; Jury Instruction; Issue Preservation; Reasonable Inference of Sex Offense
State v. Peele  (15-480). Rule 9(b) supplement, subject matter jurisdiction, probation violation, clerical errors
State v Smith  (15-305). Motion to Suppress; Fourth Amendment Search; Knock and Talk
Yerby v. NC Dep’t Of Pub. Safety/Div. Of Juv. Justice  (15-620). Salary Continuation Statute; Duties Properly Assigned; Worker’s Compensation Act Not Applicable

There were also 27 unpublished opinions, available here.