North Carolina Court of Appeals Opinions for February 16, 2016

The North Carolina Court of Appeals released a batch of opinions today:

Adams v. The City of Raleigh  (15-782). Probable cause. [Juice Bar Teen-Lounge noise case]
Cherry v. Wiesner,   (15-155). standing, historic district, land use, Board of Adjustment, aggrieved party, special damages. [Modern house in Oakwood case]
Davignon v. Davignon  (15-743). Award of court cost. Attorney’s fees. Required findings of fact. NCGS 50-13.6. NCGS 6-20 and 7A-305A(d)
Fuhs v. Fuhs  (15-945). malicious prosecution; summary judgment; motion to dismiss; abuse of process; attorney conduct
Heron Bay Acquisition, LLC v. United Metal Finishing, Inc.  (15-652). Dismissal of UDTPA claim based on breach of contract
In re: House  (15-879). Eugenics, Involuntary Sterilization, Statutory Construction
In re: Hughes  (15-699). Eugenics, Facial Challenge, Constitutionality, Three-Judge Panel, N.C. Gen. Stat. Sec. 1-267.1 [Facial challenge required a three-judge panel]
In re: Redmond  (15-763). Eugenics, Facial Challenge, Constitutionality, Three-Judge Panel, N.C. Gen. Stat. Sec. 1-267.1
In re: Smith  (15-829). Eugenics, Facial Challenge, Constitutionality, Three-Judge Panel, N.c. Gen. State. Sec. 1-267.1
Piro v McKeever (15-351) Intentional infliction of emotional distress; extreme and outrageous conduct; foreseeability.
Ray v. B. Keith Forgy, M.D., P.A.   (15-236). protective order; motion to compel; medical review privilege; interlocutory appeal; discovery
Renfrow v. NC Dep’t of Revenue  (15-472). State Employee; Current Incident of Unacceptable Personal Conduct; Resignation Treated as Involuntary Dismisssal
State v. Alldred  (15-663). satellite-based monitoring; ex post facto; double jeopardy
State v. Blakeney  (15-622). Right to counsel- forfeiture
State v. Bowlin  (15-701). Juvenile offender sentenced as adult-8th amendment challenge
State v. Collins  (15-659). 1st degree rape of a child; jurisdiction; multi-count indictments; defendant’s age at date of offense
State v Dale  (15-105). disorderly conduct; indictment; jury instructions; motion to dismiss – double jeopardy; NCGS § 132(a)(1) [Statute previously interpreted by SCOTUS to be within confines of First Amendment not suddenly unconstitutional now]
State v Ford  (15-75). Admissibility of evidence, relevancy; authentication ; opinion testimony; plain error
State v. Gates  (15-584). First-degree sexual offense; Serious personal injury; Failure to amend indictment
State v Knight  (14-1015). Law of the case doctrine; Collateral estoppel; Motion to suppress; Second degree rape; Miranda rights; Knowing and intelligent waiver of rights; First degree kidnapping
State v. Sellers  (15-534). Leg Shackles; N.C. Gen.Stat.15A-1031; Waiver; Statutory Challenge; Structural Error
Walker v The N.C. State Bd. Of Dental Exam’rs  (15-337). Rule enforcement limitation in N.C.G.S. 150B-18; Authority of Board of Dental Examiners under N.C.G.S. 90-41(a)(12); Overlapping statutes

There were also 40 unpublished opinions, available here.