N.C. Court of Appeals Opinions for March 21, 2017

The North Carolina Court of Appeals released a batch of opinions today:

Bell v. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co.  (15-1299) Workers’ Compensation; Compensable Injury; Causal Relationship; Compensation Benefits; Trial Return to Work; Sanctions
Harris & Hilton, P.A. v. Rassette  (16-809) Rule 3.7 of NC Rules of Professional Conduct; necessary witness; witness-advocate rule [Trial court did not abuse discretion by prohibiting attorneys from both testifying in fee dispute and representing their law firm as a client.]
Hildebran Heritage & Dev. Ass’n, Inc. v. The Town of Hildebran  (16-568) Open meetings law; Partial directed verdict; Attorney’s fees. [Lack of overflow seating or external speakers, absent more, not an unreasonable failure of access]
In re: R.P., Jr.  (16-856) ?permanency planning review hearing requirements;? ?constitutionally protected status of parents;? ?requirement that a parent be found unfit for a change in guardianship placement.?
Lund v. Lund  (16-813) Equitable distribution;appeal after remand; value of marital residence; law of the case.
Meinck v. City of Gastonia  (16-892) Governmental immunity; lease of premises to private entity; proprietary function; slip and fall; contributory negligence; summary judgment
Porter v. Porter  (16-329) equitable distribution order, classification and valuation, distributive award
Rittelmeyer v. Univ. of N. Carolina at Chapel Hill  (15-1228) ADA, termination
State v. Bradford  (16-988) Jury Instructions; Flight; Clerical Error
State v. Burris  (16-238) motion to suppress, self-incriminating statement, custodial interrogation, warrantless blood test
State v. Fink  (16-934) larceny by employee; NCGS 14-74; identity of the employer; fatal variance; Rule 404 (b) evidence; Rule 403 prejudice
State v. Garner  (16-289) Failure to specify an entity capable of owning property on a larceny indictment;? ?arresting judgment without express justification for doing so;? ? double-jeopardy related arrest of judgment.
State v. Jacobs  (16-464) Evidence – Rule 412(b)
State v. Walker  (16-109) ?preservation of an argument on appeal;? ?sufficiency of the evidence;? ?general motion to dismiss for sufficiency of the evidence;? ?specific argument for a motion to dismiss for sufficiency of the evidence.?
Terrell v. Kernersville Chrysler Dodge, LLC  (16-429) Denial of motion to compel arbitration
Wolski v. NC Div. of Motor Vehicles  (16-702) Driver?s license revocation, implied-consent offense, affidavit modification, refusal to submit to testing

There were also 30 unpublished opinions available here.